Project Underground Workshops

Join a Project Underground workshop to receive Project Underground curriculum guide and materials. Workshop participants learn about karst science and learn how to use the educational resources.

Learn about:

Discuss public policy decisions relating to watersheds and the unique karst environment. Participate in some activities geared to teach about karst in your classroom.

These resources will address watershed and earth science education standards plus help with many additional sciences, social science and cross curriculum standards. The classroom activities provided are good for all grade levels but are especially good for upper elementary, middle and high school.

Citizen outreach

Though the Project Underground Natural Resource Education Guide was initially designed for K-12 education, it quickly became apparent that its usefulness extended to other adults as well. Activities such as "Lost River Village" help citizens understand the risks of improper land use on karst, and the importance of careful land use planning.

For more information on holding a workshop, contact:

Christine Walkey
Director of Education and Outreach
Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc.
(423) 771-9671