Project Underground

Project Underground is transitioning to the Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. (SCCi). Updates on curriculum and workshops will be coming soon. Please contact Christine Walkey, Director of Education and Outreach, at SCCi for more information: (423) 771-9671 or

The vision of Project Underground, Inc. is "People will make wise, informed, choices as they manage cave, karst and groundwater resources to protect the underground ecosystems for the health of current and future generations". To accomplish this vision Project Underground has a mission to "build the necessary awareness and responsible attitudes towards cave, karst and groundwater resources and their management needs among the general public through educational and interpretive programs."

The Project Underground Education Program provides materials and activities on karst resources. The lessons in the Project Underground guide can be used to teach citizens of all ages about karst topography and the management needs of the karst resources. Use these materials with students in classrooms and in outreach programs with citizens and agency staff.

Why should I learn about karst?

Karst is an important resource for all residents in the United States. Karst contains beautiful underground features and unique wildlife habitats and this resource may also hold the key to the health of an entire town or city by its links to drinking water.

A land area that includes sinkholes springs, sinking streams and caves. This landscape features underground streams and aquifers some communities use for drinking water. Approximately 20.0% of the U.S. is composed of karst topography.

How do those sinkholes form?

Attend a Project Underground workshop and discover how sinkholes form using the "Sinkholes in a Cup" activity.

The Project Underground Curriculum Guide and educational materials are available through workshops.