Why should I learn about karst?

Karst is an important resource for all residents in the United States. Karst contains beautiful underground features and unique wildlife habitats and this resource may also hold the key to the health of an entire town or city by its links to drinking water.

How do I get a Project Underground Curriculum Guide?

Attend a workshop. During workshops, you will participate in hands-on activities, learn more about caves and karst ecology, and expand your knowledge and teaching skills. The Project Underground curriculum guide and materials are available through these workshops. You will also meet and share ideas, information and resources with other professionals.

Workshop field trip to a sinkhole

Can I become part of the program?

Yes, become a workshop leader! Using a "train-the-trainer" model, Project Underground facilitators train educators and outreach staff through workshops. As a workshop leader you can learn facilitation skills, increase your karst knowledge and join the team teaching karst science.

How do those sinkholes form?

Attend a Project Underground workshop and discover how sinkholes form using the "Sinkholes in a Cup" activity.

Where does the water go?

Use the map above with the Mysterious Waters activity to discover how water travels in karst areas